GSPEED R/C 2S "RACE" Lipo 45C Hard Case Battery Pack (7.4v5600mAh)

GSPEED R/C 2S "RACE" Lipo 45C Hard Case Battery Pack (7.4v5600mAh)

SKU: G5600-45-2S2P-B
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GSPEED R/C 2S "RACE" Lipo 45C Hard Case Battery Pack (7.4v5600mAh)
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This is the GSPEED RC "Race"  7.4V, 45C, 5600mAh, Lithium Polymer, 2S Battery Pack with Deans connector.

Battery pack comes enclosed in a tough plastic case with graphite-look graphics on the outside.

Battery has heavy gauge silicon leads with female Deans Style T Plug already installed. Thunder Power balance connector tap is also pre-installed.  Leads are non-removable.

One Year Warranty Guarantee! 
GSPEED R/C offers a 50% Damage Replacement program for one (1) year after original purchase date on all batteries that have been damaged due to impact, over-discharging, or improper charging. However, if the battery has been modified or disassembled there will be NO WARANTY. The damaged battery will be replaced by a comparable battery at 50% off of its retail cost.

Type: Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 5600mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Connector Type:Ultra T-Style
Balancer Type: Thunder Power
Weight: 314g
Configuration: 2S2P
Dimensions (LxWxH): 138.0x46.5x25mm
Maximum Continuous Discharge: 252A (45C)
Maximum Burst Discharge: 504A (90C)

General Warnings:

1) Use Lithium Polymer Specific chargers only. Do not use a NiCd or NiMh Charger
2) Never charge batteries unattended
3) If battery starts to balloon or swell up, discontinue the charging immediately

GSPEED R/C is a GS Hobby brand.


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