Traxxas 2S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (7.4V/7600mAh) (TRA2869X)

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This is the Traxxas 2S 7.4v 7600mAh Power Cell 25C Lipo Battery w/iD Connector.

 NOTE: This battery requires a Traxxas iD equipped LiPo charger to balance-charge 


Traxxas iD Power Cell LiPo batteries offer the ultimate in power, "punch," and runtime with the highest possible capacity and voltage. 7600mAh 2-Cell LiPos provide 50% more runtime than 5000mAh, giving you more time for fast laps, jumps, and over-the-top RC fun.


Type: LiPo
Total Capacity: 7600
Voltage: 7.4
Continuous Discharge: 25C (190A)
Max Burst Rate: 50C (380A)
Watt Hours: 56.24
Charge Rate: 1C (7.6A)
Max Charge Rate: 2C (15.2A)
Dimensions: 155x27x43mm
Weight: 13.8oz (390g)