Team Losi Racing TLR232027 Grooved Slipper Plates (2)

Team Losi Racing TLR232027 Grooved Slipper Plates (2)

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Team Losi Racing TLR232027 Grooved Slipper Plates (2)

The Team Losi Racing Race Team has been testing the grooved slipper plates with great results. The machined grooves "scrape" off any build-up that can accumulate on the slipper pad and helps the slipper drive system maintain an ideal surface for proper slipper function. This results in longer slipper pad and plate life, an easier slipper to set, and more consistent on track performance and rear traction under acceleration.


  • Machined grooves allow for any build-up on the slipper pad to be removed from the surface to keep slipper function optimal
  • A tapered backside of the plate strengthens the plate with the slipper to tightened to maintain a flatter and more effective surface for slipper drive to occur
  • Hard Anodized to prevent premature wear and strengthen
  • Grooved Slipper Plates will fit all 22 vehicles (22, 22T, 22SCT and 22 2.0) as well as all XXX vehicles including the XXX-SCT


Compatible with:

Losi TLR 22                  Losi TLR 22T

Losi TLR 22 2.0            Losi XXX-SCB

Losi TLR 22SCT           Losi XXX-SCT

Losi TLR 22T                Losi TLR 22T 2.0

Losi TLR 22SCT 2.0     Losi 22 3.0

Losi 22SCT 3.0             Losi 22 4.0

Losi 22T 3.0                  Losi 22T 4.0

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