JConcepts JCO3364W Bullet 60mm 4wd Front Buggy Wheels (4) (B44.2) (White)

JConcepts JCO3364W Bullet 60mm 4wd Front Buggy Wheels (4) (B44.2) (White)

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JConcepts JCO3364W Bullet 60mm 4wd Front Buggy Wheels (4) (B44.2) (White)

For many years the standard option on 1/10th off-road vehicles has been a proven 2.2” bead mounting diameter.    Times have changed, JConcepts Bullet 60mm hex wheels are the latest accessory available for the raging 1/10th off-road class.   With the recent popularity of a larger wheel, customers have asked for a genuine JConcepts option in the larger configuration and boom, it’s been done.

The new Bullet wheels are sized at the industry interchangeable 60mm and make a statement with their large appearance.   Slight concave dish shaped design on the AE wheels and slightly convex shape on the TLR line of wheels stand apart giving each line their unique appearance.   The wheels incorporate an outer glue catch that resists excess glue from running down the wheel face during the gluing process. JConcepts wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure trueness and durability and are branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.

The theoretical advantage to a larger bead mounting diameter revolves around weight savings and side-wall handling characteristics.     The larger wheel allows for an insert and tire with less material netting an overall weight loss in all important rotating weight.   This is especially attractive for stock racers always looking to reduce weight.   Modified racers will see more benefit in high-speed stability and straight-line tracking.  

Wheel sets are available for all popular Team Associated, TLR, Kyosho, Yokomo, Serpent and XRay further establishing JConcepts as the go to line for all makes and models. 

NOTE: 60mm wheels require tires and inserts designed for 60mm bead mounting diameter and are not completely interchangeable with their 2.2” counterparts.   Although these popular large wheel sets are not a replacement for 2.2” wheels nor ROAR legal at this time (2014), they remain a popular tuning aid to racers always pushing for excellence.



  • (4) wheels included per package
  • Industry interchangeable 60mm
  • Popular dish styling and detail
  • Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow
  • Advanced manufacturing process and durable material
  • Fits available for almost all brands of vehicle


Compatible with:

Team Associated RC10B44

Team Associated RC10B44.1

Team Associated RC10B44.2

Team Associated RC10B44.3






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