B-Fast BFR-TB99 3x8mm Treated Thrust Washers (2) & Carbide Balls (8) (Durango)

B-Fast BFR-TB99 3x8mm Treated Thrust Washers (2) & Carbide Balls (8) (Durango)

Price: $8.99
B-Fast BFR-TB99 3x8mm Treated Thrust Washers (2) & Carbide Balls (8) (Durango)

BFast BFR TB99 3x8mm Treated Thrust Washers (2) & Carbide Balls (8) for Durango

Fits: DEX210, DESC210R, DEST210R


  •  Treated Thrust Washers (2) & Carbide Balls (8)

About B-Fast:

A properly functioning differential is crucial to controlling the power that reaches your tires and that is what gets you around that corner fast. To have a properly functioning diff, it must be smooth. That is where a Direct Upgrade can help.

B-FAST diff rings, tungsten carbide balls and thrust bearings fit directly into your differential, replacing the stock parts.
By upgrading from stock to smoother B-FAST diff rings, harder longer lasting tungsten carbide diff balls and high performance thrust bearing your diff can be smoother, longer. B-FAST offers a caged thrust bearing for Losi and for Associated the flattened washer and carbide ball thrust set.

B-FAST spent many hours researching different ball manufactures and suppliers. We decided the only way to ensure consistent quality is to have direct contact with the manufacture. Our manufacturer makes only precision balls and makes them from many exotic materials. Their extensive knowledge in materials and manufacturing processes was utilized by B-FAST. This knowledge was used to make the decision to offer what we believe are the optimum Carbide diff balls available at a price that is racer friendly.  Machinists use carbide cutting tools to cut steel and other more exotic materials everyday. The abuse carbide can take is nothing short of amazing.


Compatible with:

Team Durango DEX210

Team Durango DEST210R

Team Durango DESC210R

Team Durango DEX210 V2

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