XRAY XB4C 2023 Carpet Edition 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit (XRA360012)

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This is the NEW XRAY XB4C 2023 Carpet Edition 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit.

The new XB4 chassis has a narrower front profile with more tapered side pod front edges to reduce scrub on jump faces. The milled pockets are redesigned to allow the motor and center assembly to move frontwards/rearwards to adjust the weight balance for particular track conditions with the fan holder position adjusted accordingly.

The chassis features symmetrical flex and multiple battery position choices to adjust the weight balance.

The chassis is an important component that contributes to the XB4’s handling characteristics. The chassis dimensions and flex characteristics are selected for the best blend of stability, traction and steering. The chassis is machined for extra clearance under the bulkheads to accommodate the diff height adjustment feature.

CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 2mm 7075 T6 aluminum, the chassis is strategically machined in low-stress areas to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity; and it is additionally black-coated for increased lifespan.

Chassis Layout.
Redesigned layout offers the ability to place the motor and central assembly in a front or rear position to alter the weight balance depending on the track conditions. The new chassis layout was tested on all kind of surfaces to increase performance in any track situation.

Side Guards.
The new chassis side guards have a narrower front profile and chamfered edges to reduce chassis scrub on jump entry, significantly improving consistency and handling over jump features.

Motor Bulkhead.
Narrower motor bulkhead positions the motor towards the chassis centerline for improved weight balance. The lower design of the motor mount also reduces the CG for better controlled chassis roll.

Motor Mount.
Matching the new motor bulkhead, the updated motor mount plate is smaller and lighter to reduce weight yet still offer the necessary adjustment range for motor installation.

High Traction Body.
The XB4 Carpet and Dirt Editions each feature redesigned XRAY Delta bodies with narrower front and rear sections matching the new chassis & side guards.

XRAY Delta bodies feature super-smooth airflow and appropriate downforce characteristics fine-tuned for their intended conditions.

The Carpet Edition of the Delta body is designed especially for high traction conditions and improves the stability in the fast corners, chicanes and improves rotation in tight corners.

The Delta Carpet body is also available in lightweight version.

Slipper One-way Clutch 2-in-1.
Unique Multi-Adjustable Slipper One-way Clutch features 2-in-1 functionality with the adjustable central slipper clutch and an adjustable front One-way Slipper to lock-in the front end under acceleration and to adjust slipper off-power handling which influences how easy the car is on landing and under high-speed braking as well prevents traction roll at corner entry.

Central Dogbone Drive Shafts.
The central drivetrain features outdrives and dogbone driveshafts that offer reduced maintenance compared to previous CVD drive shafts.

Central Bulkhead.
To match the dimensions of the one-way slipper, an aluminum central bulkhead and graphite top deck were redesigned for the Carpet edition.

Front & rear bulkheads feature a horizontal split design (HS) to retain easy diff access while adding the valuable diff height adjustment. The unique design of the bulkheads uses an inline bushing to alter the alignment and height of the bevel drive gear. In addition to accommodating the diff height adjustments, it also allows the front central driveshaft to operate with a reduced angle for less friction and wear on the CV joint components and improved driveline efficiency.

The XB4 bulkheads allow fast and easy differential access for setup changes or servicing by removing only 4 screws from the upper gear box cover while the lower section remains mounted to the chassis. This super-fast diff access is featured on both front and rear gearboxes.

The super-strong, narrow bulkheads provide the needed clearance for the redesigned suspension holders with increased set-up range possibilities.

Diff Height Adjustment.
Front & rear HS bulkheads allow for diff height adjustment using eccentric bushings. In the front gearbox, the diff height has 3 different settings. The rear differential can be adjusted through a 5mm range. The diff height adjustment is a vital set-up capability that allows quick set-up adaption for either Carpet or Dirt tracks.

Carpet edition uses a lower ride height and the upper differential position to keep the drive shafts level.

Dirt edition typically uses a taller ride height and a lower differential position to keep the drive shafts level.

Diff Gears.
The shorter pinion gear allows the drive shafts to move the CV joint closer to the differential to improve drive train efficiency.

Both crown gear and pinion gear are CNC-machined from HUDY Spring Steel and are ultra-hardened making them very strong and reliable with a longer life span. The split crown gear allows for a simpler exchange to optional gears without requiring a rebuild of the internal diff assembly and results in significantly lower rotating mass and improves the serviceability.

To improve the gear engagement both crown gear and pinion gear have more teeth and geometry that results in smoother engagement and increased efficiency.

Gear Differential.
The front and rear gear differential features a split design of the cover and crown gear. The differential case has greater internal oil volume to increase consistency of the diff action, yet it is significantly narrower and to move the rotating weight closer to the centerline.

The super-smooth, low maintenance gear diff includes a composite case and cover with internal satellite gears that are precision-molded from special XRAY-developed graphite composite material, ensuring a long lifespan and super-smooth, efficient operation.

Active Differential.
The unique XRAY Active Differential is a high-performance, adjustable gear differential for XB4 ... vastly improving the buggy's speed and handling characteristics. The special design of the internal components using different angled segments allows the diff gears to engage on-power to increase the forward traction, making it faster and easier to drive.

Gear differential features diff-outdrives designed for use with 2.5mm pin.

Spur Gear.
Precision-molded spur gears are made from XRAY's exclusive secret blend of composite material, allowing the gear to run true yet be robust enough to handle high-performance brushless motors. The spur gears are designed to have the lowest possible weight while staying strong and light. Each gear is stamped with the tooth number for easy identification.

The XB4 is equipped with an 81T spur gear which suits the majority of tracks. For additional tuning, optional 75T, 78T, 84T and 87T spur gears are available.

Central Drive Train.
The design of the HS bulkhead with the inline bushing for the bevel drive gear creates a more linear orientation for the front center drive shaft to reduce the CV joint angle for increased driveline efficiency and decreased friction and wear. The height and angle of the rear center drive shaft is also adjustable depending on the height adjustment of the differential.

Front - there are 3 different angle configurations for adjustment of the front drive train.

Rear - there are 6 different height configurations for adjustment of the rear drive train.

Chassis Brace.
The front chassis T-Brace in Carpet edition increases front stability on high traction tracks and makes the car more predictable and easier to drive. The shorter graphite brace in Dirt edition is more flex to increase traction on low grip surfaces.

Servo Mount.
The servo mount was redesigned to fit the frontward chassis layout and features two aluminum stands with graphite stiffener from top.

Shock Towers.
Front & rear shock towers fits the Horizontal Split Bulkheads (HS) and feature denser upper shock mount positions for more precise set-up adjustments.

The rear shock tower features extra roll center positions for precise set-up adjustment and extra wing mounting positions.

Both front & rear shock towers are machined from premium-grade graphite and are lightweight & strong, with multiple shock positions and roll center adjustment positions.

The front shock absorber bodies and shock shafts are shorter by 2mm than previous design. Combined with the shock towers and suspension geometry, these changes increase stability and improve cornering speeds.

The big-bore shocks are membrane free, but still allow for easy, consistent building and rebound control using a bleed-screw shock cap design.

The aluminum body and lower cap are all machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum.

The shock shafts are machined from special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation, and additionally hardened for increased lifespan.

Shock Pistons.
Shock pistons are made from Delrin® and are molded using ultra-high precision molds. All-new 2-hole pistons (1.6mm and 1.7mm holes) are now included in the set.

Shock Springs.
Both Carpet and Dirt edition include shock springs selected for the specific track conditions.

There are two types of springs offered:

Linear – The spring rate is constant during the entire spring compression. Springs with different linear spring rates are available as optional tuning part.

Progressive - The main advantage & benefit of progressive springs is that as the car initially enters the corner the springs work like softer springs to provide maximum traction. As the chassis begins to roll in the middle of the corner, the spring rate progressively increases until it works like a stiffer spring which allows the car to maintain maximum cornering speed.

XB4 springs, like all other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected, and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

Each spring is laser-engraved with stripes to indicate the firmness, the more strips, the stiffer the spring.

Drive Shafts.
The front and rear driveshaft lengths are updated to match the new differential width and suspension geometry; the front drive shaft is 83mm long and the rear drive shaft is 75mm long.

The safety collar on the front driveshaft secures the pin, while the ball bearing captures the pin in rear axles, both preventing the pin from coming lose during a run.

XB4 constant velocity drive shafts are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ and feature 2.5mm drive pins for maximum drivetrain efficiency. The drive shafts are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in electric off-road cars. Hardened with a proprietary hardening process, the drive shafts provide unbeatable lifespan and reliability.

Suspension Arms.
Both Carpet and Dirt editions now feature the same length suspension arms. The front hard arms are shorter to increase stability and rear hard arms are longer for increased traction

I.S.S.™ Suspension Holders.
The rear suspension holders can be installed in upward or downward orientations, resulting in additional roll center locations for the inner hinge pins.

The downward orientation of the suspension holder is used primarily for Dirt tracks.

The upward orientation of the suspension holder is used primarily for Carpet tracks.

The suspension holders allow use of both the long or standard suspension arm configurations.

Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black coated.

The correct suspension geometry is one of the most important features of any RC model car, while at the same time being one of the most difficult and challenging features for a designer.

The suspension is always a mixture of:

• design and shape of individual suspension parts

• flex and hardness

• materials used

• mounting system

• geometry and position of mounting points of connecting parts

From the suspension arms, through the suspension blocks, to the light yet robust steering blocks, every suspension part has been specially designed for the 1/10 off-road racing platform to provide responsive racing characteristics in all conditions.

Rear Uprights.
The multi-adjustable rear uprights allow for super fine tuning of the suspension geometry.

The upper roll center is adjusted at the camber linkage via shims (up/down & in/out), while the lower roll center is adjustable via eccentric inserts for 9 different positions (up/down & in/out).

The multi-function uprights have the upper roll center position in the middle of the axis of the driveshaft joint to help generate more traction and increase stability.

There are three different uprights available: hard (included), graphite (optional), and aluminum (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

Wheel Hubs.
Ultra-lightweight 12mm wheel hex drive hubs are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. These ultra-true hex hubs have a clamping design which ensures ultra- solid mounting of the wheel on the hub.

The rear alu hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.

To adjust track-width, optional offset wheel hex drive hubs are available.

Wheelbase Adjustment.
Suspension arms allow for quick & easy wheelbase adjustment. Using included 2mm shims, both front and rear suspension arms can be moved either forward or rearward to adjust weight balance depending on track conditions.

By moving the arms to the front, the balance and weight of the car are transferred more to the rear; this is recommended for medium- and high-traction conditions.

By moving the arms to the rear, the balance and weight of the car are transferred more to the front.

Anti-roll Bars.
Both Carpet and Dirt edition include anti-roll bars selected for their specific track conditions.

Anti-roll bars are manufactured from special spring steel material and are used to stabilize the front & rear ends of the car. The roll bars are easily mounted to the diff cases and can be adjusted with the linkages.

Front & rear anti-roll bars are interchangeable since they have same design and shape. The thickness of each anti-roll bar is laser-engraved for easy identification. Anti-roll bar wires of different thickness are available separately for fine-tuning.

Steering System.
The dual arm steering system is simple yet effective, and features an easily adjustable integrated servo saver. Ackermann is easily adjusted by quickly changing the steering link mounting positions on the steering plate.

Bump steer is adjusted for more aggression by inserting a shim between the steering block and steering linkage.

Steering Blocks.
The tiny yet tough steering blocks are molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength.

Composite steering block inserts allow for very quick & easy lower roll center adjustment. With additional shims and extra inserts, fine tuning the roll center is easily achieved.

For maximum drivetrain reliability, larger 5x12 ball-bearings are used in the outer position with increased dynamic load. On the inner position, the smaller 5x10 ball-bearings are used for minimized unsprung weight.

Caster Blocks.
The 1-piece caster blocks are very lightweight, yet the construction makes them very stiff and rigid. The non-adjustable caster angle is preset to 9°. Roll center position can be quickly & easily adjusted by inserting different thickness of shims atop the caster block (between the block and the vertical ball stud).

The non-adjustable caster is preset to 9°, however the position of the adjustable eccentric bushings in the I.S.S.™ suspension holders influences the caster as well. (For example, if the eccentric bushings have the roll center in middle position, the caster angle is 9° which when added to the 9° caster block gives a total of 18° caster. The total adjustability range for caster is 16-20°).

Optional caster blocks with 6° and 12° built-in caster angles are available for further suspension geometry adjustment.

There are four different caster blocks available: medium (optional), hard (included), graphite (optional) and aluminum (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

The hard caster blocks increase stability in high-traction conditions, and help to increase cornering speed.

Electronics Plate.
A handy, compact electronics plate for speed control mounting provides quick & easy removal and assembly. Redesigned to fit the chassis layout and side guards, the plate is now mounted directly to the chassis instead of the side guards to reduce the impact on chassis flex characteristics.

Battery Holder.
Tweak-free Quick Battery Holder allows for easy retainer height adjustment for more convenient battery mounting. The entire system is intended to reduce the effects of the battery and holder on chassis flex, making the XB4 more predictable and easier to drive.

The battery holder is universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.

Body Posts.
Rear body mount feature more frontward position and fit the rear Horizontal Split Bulkhead (HS) and the latest body. The shape of the holder allows for super easy access to the screws on the upper part of the bulkhead. Machined from premium graphite material.

Beefy 6mm thick body posts are made from a special composite material for maximum strength. The body supports are rounded to have a better fit and provide better support for the car body.

To guarantee maximum reliability, all turnbuckles are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ material for turnbuckles which features a tougher core. These turnbuckles are used for front & rear upright linkages, steering system, and also for the servo saver.

Body Seal.
To improve protection against dust, Velcro® double-sided tape is included to ensure a perfect seal of the body to the side guards, to reduce the noise level of the running car.

Rear Wing.
The Carpet and Dirt Editions of the XB4 each feature an individually paired wing to work with their particular body. Made from strong Lexan™ material, the wing is supported on the wing mounts by extra flat shims to better support and extend the life of the wing.

Various wing designs in different thickness are available separately. The thicker wing gives higher traction and stability but gives reduced steering.

The included wheels are IFMAR standardized with the wheel hex offset. The wheels feature a redesigned countersunk center area to allow the wheel nut to sit deeper in the wheel.

The wheels are perfect for high-competition racing. They feature internal reinforcement ribs to provide stability and resist deformation, yet they are made from a flexible material to provide durability and withstand impacts.

The side of the wheel is aerodynamic for maximum performance. The wheels were designed to provide maximum traction.

The wheels feature a 12mm internal hex.

Needed to Complete:
(1) 2 Channel Transmitter with Receiver
(1) Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
(1) Steering Servo
(1) 540 Motor
(1) Pinion Gear
(1) LiPo Battery
(1) Compatible Charger
Polycarbonate Paint for Body
(4) Tires and Wheels