Lunsford 3.5mm "Super Duty" Tekno ET410 Titanium Turnbuckle Set (LNS36061)

Lunsford 3.5mm "Super Duty" Tekno ET410 Titanium Turnbuckle Set (LNS36061)

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Price: $40.99
Lunsford 3.5mm "Super Duty" Tekno EB410T Titanium Turnbuckle Set (LNS36061)

This is an optional turnbuckle set from Lunsford for Tekno ET410

The Lunsford Turnbuckle Touch:
Grade 5 Titanium is roughly a 45% weight savings over steel.
Anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel.
Nano accurate thread rolling process
A very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free threading process aids in the preservation of the parts you are threading into.
Machined from Made in the USA center-less ground titanium.
From raw material to the finished product, all of our Grade 5 titanium born and bred in the USA.
Designed, developed and crafted right here in Albany, Oregon USA at the Lunsford compound.
All Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles come with a 100% Guarantee!
In the rare instance your turnbuckle bends or breaks, we will replace it for free. Our Guarantee.

Total Turnbuckle Weight:
10.1 grams

What's Included:
(4) 3.5mm x 55mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles (Front Camber and Steering)
(2) 3.5mm x 77mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles (Rear Camber)
(1) 1/8" Drill Bit for Rod End Resize.

Note from Kelly:
Rod End Resize: Increase the inner diameter your rod ends with the supplied 1/8" drill bit. A small cordless drill works best on a slow speed. Use a paper clip or similar item to first measure the depth of the threaded area of the rod end. Use that measurement to mark the drill bit or use a pinion gear to set the depth of the drill bit to ensure you do not drill beyond the existing depth of the rod end.

Compatible with:

Tekno RC ET410


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