JConcepts JCO3017-05 Bar Codes 2.2 Front Buggy Tires (Gold) (2)

JConcepts JCO3017-05 Bar Codes 2.2 Front Buggy Tires (Gold) (2)

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JConcepts JCO3017-05 Bar Codes 2.2 Front Buggy Tires (Gold) (2)

Bar Codes - Fits 2.2" buggy front wheel
Part # - JCI3017

The Code of Silence has been broken at JConcepts, and the Bar Codes are out.   The Bar Code Y-Bar design is the freshest tire design seen in the last 10 years of racing development regardless of class and scale.   Like the name suggests the alternating bar design combined with the addition of the Y side bars provide uncompromised support for blue and black groove conditions.  Available in a multitude of compounds the Bar Codes are a specialty tire that when matched to the appropriate track can provide amazing results.

The Bar Codes are a part of the JConcepts special breed of tire, designed for maximum performance when new or used as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body.

Bar Codes in new condition excel on hard surfaces that have taken rubber with either dry or wet grooved conditions.   Worn Bar Codes excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a minimal dust groove has formed.


  •     Available in sticky Blue, White, Gold or Orange compound
  •     Alternating “Bar Code” design with Y side bars    
  •     X-Design interior carcass for enhanced support
  •     Includes JConcepts And-1 inserts
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