Calandra CLN1900 Battle Axe 2.0 (BA) 1/10th Scale Oval Kit

Calandra CLN1900 Battle Axe 2.0 (BA) 1/10th Scale Oval Kit

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Calandra CLN1900 Battle Axe 2.0 (BA) 1/10th Scale Oval Kit
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The Battle Axe is the result of continuous refinement and product development at Calandra Racing Concepts. The Battle Axe gets its roots from CRC's 12th scale on-road racer, the Gen X, but this latest kit has been designed from the ground up to produce a well-balanced, highly adjustable, and user friendly tenth scale oval racer. Move over T-Bar cars, the Battle Axe is coming through.

The Battle Axe also features:

- CRC's new Pro-Strut molded front end, best in the business, with both inline and trailing axles included by flipping the axle.

- Adjustable front width, offset and trail, multiple hole positions.
- New X-pod rear end, micro-sized left bulkhead, super low CG with "open pod" design. Accepts brushed and bulky brushless

   motors with ease. The X-pod; often copied, never duplicated.
- Accepts NiMh and LiPo battery packs, 1S, 2S, etc.
- Adjustable height and length center shock mount.
- Unique adjustable/universal servo mounting plate.
- Mounting space on the left rear for speed control.
- Flush mount transponder mounting system.
- Pivot Ball / Link style rear suspension - No t-bars to tweak or break! One-piece clamping links included.

- CRC's new molded center pivot

- CRC red Dura-shocks used for side suspension.

- Hard coated large volume center shock.

- Red aluminum servo mounts

- CRC' red aluminum unique clamping antenna and shock

- Proudly made and packaged in the USA by knowledgeable American racers/workers and owners

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